We specialise in producing a high quality product and are a single source for your plastic card programs by supplying:

  • High Qualilty preprinted Cards
  • Proximity and Smartcards
  • RFID Cards, Mifare, HID
  • Lastest edge to edge Digital printing
  • Plain Coloured and White corestock
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards - (Hi Coercivity) and (Lo Coercivity)
  • Gift Cards
  • Combination card with Keytag snap off cards
  • Signature Strips
  • Card thickness ranging from .3mm (.012") to .76mm (.030")
HiCo-LoCo Mag Stripe Cards

Preprinted Cards

Spot color, metallic or full color (4 color process) using high quality Offset and Digital printing process.

ACT Card Sample

Plain Coloured stocks

Our plain white and coloured cards are shrink-wrapped in 100’s to minimise dust contamination and available in cartons of 500.

Orange PMS 166

PMS 166

Cranberry PMS 208

PMS 208

Green PMS 343

PMS 347

Gold PMS 873

PMS 873

Hospital Blue 660

Mid Blue
PMS 660

Light Blue PMS 2905

Light Blue
PMS 2905

Red PMS 186

PMS 186

Silver PMS 877

PMS 877

Hospital Blue 660

PMS 8541

Yellow PMS 107


Proximity and RFID Smart Cards

Mifare, HID proximity card application using 13.56mhz and 125khz frequencies are ideal for Security Acces, Photocopier, stored value and Corporate Identification or any other entity tasked with moving people through their access control systems each day. Supplied preprinted or plain white and can be numbered for ease of validation.